The International School of Sion has now been authorized as a Cambridge school.

Our school is a Cambridge International School, registered with Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of the University of Cambridge. Our programmes inspire students to love learning, helping them discover new abilities and a wider world.

Cambridge International School

Discover what makes our school unique!

International School of Sion > Discover what makes our school unique!

10 Reasons for choosing the International School of Sion

Holistic approach to learning

We prepare our students for life after secondary school by giving them a balanced education as well as by developing the core skills and attitudes that will make them flexible and lifelong learners.

Class sizes

With medium-size classes, students get the necessary individual attention they deserve. This also enhances collaborative work among classmates and help them develop social skills.


We strongly emphasize the acquisition of various languages and the development of the mother tongue of the students. English plays a central role in their education.

Physical and emotional well-being

The school’s surroundings participate in developing healthy study habits. It allows students to develop their skills in a safe, peaceful and pastoral environment.

Wide Range of activities

Sion is a vibrant city offering many cultural, creative and sports activities. Valais is well-known for its numerous Alpine resorts and its wide range of outdoor activities.

Cultural diversity

The school is inclusive in welcoming students from all cultural, religious, and ethnical backgrounds. Students who learn about different cultures are more comfortable with these differences later in life.

Efficient use of technoglogies

The efficient use of digital learning tools in classrooms increase students’ engagement, and facilitates personalized learning. It contributes to developing essential 21st-century skills.

Students as responsible individuals

Students are given important responsibilities and are implicated in making decisions relating to school life, making them actors of their own learning.